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Potential dangers for people living in the UK

If you have entered the UK as a refugee.There are many dangers ahead of you.You will have problems with food.You have problems with sleeping space and urban security, your children have problems at school.

There is accurate living space in the UK, and those who enter the UK the right way can take advantage of the excellent security space available. Snatch bags are very rare in the UK and there are fewer problems. In general, in the UK, it may not be easy for newcomers to get in touch with people and find a job, but it will not pose a great risk to them


 |«British law»……………………………………..

«Similarities of British law with Iran»

Giving is one of the most important issues in Britain, which is also very common in Iran. The use of flowers and chocolates as gifts is very common in this country. Eating etiquette in the UK is difficult from Iran, so the fork must be in the left hand and the knife in the right hand and try to serve food calmly.In this country, you are not allowed to put your hand on the table, and this is very distasteful.


In England, like in Iran, inviting guests home is more than a restaurant.Whether or not you take off your shoes when you get home depends on your lifestyle.


|«Prohibited in the UK» ………………………..

  1. In the UK you are not allowed to speak loudly. You should never interrupt anyone.

2 You can not start your meal before the host arrives. You will not be allowed to leave the table in the middle of the meal unless the cause is known.

  1. In the UK you have to be careful while driving and drunkenness in the UK is accompanied by heavy fines.

4.The people of England are a little calm, but you see this process as abuse.

  1. How good it is to be able to get certificate number two in the UK.

«Foreign marriage in the UK»

To marry a British person, you must first prove that you are not in a relationship with another person. Evidence is required to prove that you are financially sound.On the other hand, it is necessary to determine whether you have been married before or not.

If the answer is yes, the case of your spouse’s divorce or death must be clear.Keep in mind that in order to obtain residency in this country, you must have lived with your spouse at a fixed address for at least two years. This is carefully assessed. Divorce laws in the United Kingdom are largely the same as divorce laws in Iran, and the rules of procedure and litigation need to be strictly followed.

The divorce application must first be submitted and it must be determined what the reason for the divorce is if the cause of the divorce is confirmed by the person concerned.You will have to wait until your child’s financial situation and where he or she lives is determined.

In the United Kingdom, the divorce rate has decreased in recent years compared to previous years, and this trend shows that the country has provided a better living environment. Note that the divorce must take place either with the approval of both persons and provide a reason with one person to show that life is difficult to continue in the current situation and of course requires a written document. It is worth mentioning that divorce is different from separation, which means that you can live separately without requesting a divorce and separate from your partner and live separately, but in the divorce process, everything goes according to the law

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