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Living in the UK

UK is one of the ideal countries to live in.Many people around the world are interested in living in this country.Here we have tried to provide you with information about the cost of living in this country, the laws, the culture and art of the people, the costs and economic conditions, the status of wages and work and living conditions in the UK in general.



This country has small and large islands in its heart. The currency of Britain is the pound and the main religion in this country is Christianity. England is bordered by Wales to the west, Scotland to the north, the Irish Sea to the northwest and the North Sea to the east.The unemployment rate in the UK was only 12% at its highest level, which is currently less than 4%. 93% of job seekers in the UK get the job they want.

Britain is a very advanced country in terms of industry. In this country, car manufacturing and aircraft manufacturing are associated with a high rank and occupy a major part of the economy. The cost of living in the UK Marketing is one of the highest paid jobs in the country and the minimum income of a marketer in the UK is set at 45,000 pounds, which is definitely an excellent figure. Keep in mind that digital marketing tools are on the rise in this country. The British work visa is generally issued in one-year and three-year models and requires certain extensions. Accounting and economics in the United Kingdom are other lucrative fields and are on the list of permanent jobs.

|« Average income in the UK»……………………..

In order to accurately examine the average income in the UK, appropriate comparative studies have been conducted to determine whether the UK can be considered an ideal choice. The fact of the matter is that the average income of an employee in the UK is His income ratio in the United States is about 11 percent lower; But given the lower cost of living in the UK than in the US, it looks like the UK can help people save a little. Another important issue that we have seen in the field of work in the United Kingdom is that in general, the income in this country is more than 50% compared to Iran, and if we want to take into account the tax environment, this figure is 41% the percentage is higher than Iran, which will be a significant figure. The retirement age in the UK is 65 for women and 65 to 66 for men. Jobs in the UK are divided into two categories and wages are different, as follows:

  1. Highly Skilled Occupations
  2. Low Skilled Occupations As noted in the UK

the employment rate is considered to be 79%, which is an acceptable figure and in turn can be an excellent stimulus Fortunately, this country was able to be included in the list of immigrant countries last year. In general, England is one of the most expensive countries to live in, and you should keep in mind that the cost of living in this country as well as education is minimal. It is 12% more expensive than Iran. Evidence shows that Iranians often choose London, Newcastle and Manchester to live in the UK. London is one of the most expensive cities in the UK.

Cost Information .00 15.00 Meals in London at a typical restaurant 11.00 pounds Meals in Newcastle’s at a typical restaurant One-way subway ticket price 2.50 pounds Base price for a taxi 3.00 pounds per minute Call in the city 0.09 pounds London 30.50 Internet speed 60 Mbps In London, the cost of studying in the United Kingdom is 11% higher than in Iran, and if you can be admitted to a public university in this country, your tuition will be reduced to 5%.

If you want to save money, you should try to adjust your transportation routine and use public transportation. Keep in mind that the cost of housing in the UK is a bit expensive. Prices of some basic commodities in the UK: One and a half liters of mineral water 1.01 pounds One liter of milk 0.92 pounds White bread 500 gr, 1.08 pounds One kilogram of white rice 1.36 pounds One kilogram of local cheese 5.70 pounds One kilogram of chicken breast 6.61 pounds.One kilogram of chicken breast 6.61 pounds One kilogram of apples 1.99 pounds One kilogram of potatoes 1.35 pounds One kilogram of tomatoes 1.35 pounds One kilogram of onions 1.26 pounds One liter of gasoline 1.21 pounds The cost per minute calls 0.09 pounds Internet costs 30.05 pounds.transcripts of language degrees in UK universities. IELTS certificates above 7 are required, but some UK universities accept TOEFL degrees.

GMAT: Applicants for a Master’s degree in Management in the UK at some UK universities must obtain a GMAT * in addition to the above qualifications. Curriculum Vitae (Letter of recommendation): This letter should be given to you by your undergraduate mentors and is very important for admission to higher education. PHD studies in the PHD studies take three years. Compared to the American system, it will benefit students both in cost and time; Studying in this country may also take between 3 and 6 years (full time or part time) which in some fields due to more complexity may take instead of 3 to 4 years. Usually working on an academic project.

Doctoral studies in the UK Doctoral studies take three years. Compared to the American system, it will be very beneficial for students both in cost and time; Studying in this country may also take between 3 and 6 years (full time or part time) which in some fields due to more complexity may take instead of 3 to 4 years, usually working on an academic project. There is no entrance exam in the UK to enter the doctoral program; But IELTS language above 7 or 7.5 is required. Tuition fees in the UK Degree annual tuition fee between 12,000 pounds and 40,000 pounds Postgraduate pounds 10,000 pounds and above PhD 10,000 GEL higher.

Schools in the UK Many Iranians living in the UK want their children to attend local and Iranian schools. In London and other major cities in the United Kingdom; There are Iranian schools that teach Iranian culture to students while adhering to the standards of the British education system. These schools are available at all levels of education and prepare students to enter universities or the job mark

  1. Sending pre-university students to foreign countries is not as common as student immigration. For this reason, if you are planning to send your child to the UK for pre-university education, it is a good idea to do some research on your child’s city of residence, school and place of residence. It is best for your child not to enter a foreign country alone at an early age.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship .. This scholarship is awarded to talented applicants in all disciplines and from all foreign countries. These students must study full-time at any of the courses and majors offered at Cambridge University in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Click to enter the University website. Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University This scholarship has been awarded to students since 1902; In fact, it can be said that this scholarship is the oldest scholarship in the world. The Rhodes Scholarship is intended for postgraduate study and is awarded to exemplary international students studying at the University of Oxford. The selection of these students is based on their academic achievement and resume.This scholarship covers all university expenses, student living expenses, health insurance and round-trip tickets for students.

“Edinburgh University Research Grant”

The University of Edinburgh awards scholarships to students pursuing a PhD research program in a field offered by the University. This grant is given to international students at postgraduate levels. Deny Holland Scholarship Deny Holland Scholarship is intended only for undergraduate students from outside the UK. The scholarship is awarded to students who are unable to support their student living and study at College London without financial support and grants. The grant amounts to 9,000 pounds per year, which is given to students based on their circumstances. “International Scholarship University of Sussex Chancellor”

University of Sussex Chancellor International Scholarship The University of Sussex Chancellor International Scholarship is offered at most Sussex schools. The scholarship is based on the resume of international and non-European students studying full-time at the University of Sussex. This scholarship covers 50% of the international student tuition and is for one year.

“International Scholarship University of Bristol”

The University of Bristol is another university that awards scholarships to international students in the UK. This scholarship is for international students who intend to study at the undergraduate level at this university, new students are given priority in receiving this scholarship. The amount of this scholarship includes the tuition costs of the students’ university. Click here to enter the website of this university.

Students Click here to enter the university website. You can use scholarships that Iran grants to study abroad. In line with the policies of increasing scientific capabilities, the Ministry of Science of Iran sends talented students to prestigious universities in countries around the world every year.The Ministry of Science provides scholarships to these scholarship students and commits them to serve in Iran. You can use these scholarships by providing the conditions required by the Ministry of Science and Research of Iran.

Students intending to study in the UK must take the A-Level exams to enter these universities.Obtaining a passing score in this exam is required to enter the universities of this country. A high score on this test increases your chances of passing in high-demand fields. Students can take A-level courses before entering university. The length of this course is usually two years and is considered as a pre-university course:

  1. The first year of this course was known as AS.
  2. The second year is called A2. The scores of this course are calculated as the scores obtained from participating in the English national exams.

Another course that students can take is the Foundation course. International students can choose between the A-level course and the Foundation course; Of course, if students are applying for majors such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, they can only choose the A-Levels course.

Students intending to study medicine and dentistry in the UK must take the * UCAT * exam; Of course, some medical schools do not require a passing score on this test.The UKCAT test is administered online and measures a person’s cognitive abilities, attitudes, critical thinking and logical reasoning.The topics of this test include four argumentative topics and one situation judgment topic, which are explained below.

Verbal Reasonin evaluates student written information and logical conclusions. The duration of this section is 21 minutes.Quantitative Reasoning measures the applicant’s ability to solve numerical problems.Duration is 24 minutes. Abstract Reasoning measures a person’s reasoning power in relation to convergent and divergent thinking.Decision Analysis

This section specifies that you are receiving information.

Decision Analysis This section describes how you reason with communication while receiving information, how it is judged, and how much power you have to make informed decisions. Situational Judgment The last part of the test examines the student’s reaction to various situations and the individual’s knowledge of medical character.Participating in international exams in the UK. There are many factors that you can use to complete your resume. Articles, high grades and work experience are among these factors.

As mentioned earlier, providing a strong resume for admission to study in the UK is an influential and determining factor.There are many factors that you can use to complete your resume. Articles, high grades and work experience are among these factors.International exams and competitions are among the factors that are not without merit in your resume.Language tests are the most important international tests.The language certificate approved throughout the UK is the IELTS certificate; Of course, the TOEFL degree is also approved in some universities in this country. Apart from language tests, many theoretical and practical competitions are held internationally and in various disciplines.There are many of these competitions in the UK that you can get information about by visiting the websites and inquiring from the relevant authorities at your university. Participating in these competitions will increase your work and scientific experience and may even introduce you to the employer of your favorite company or organization and shape a good career for you.

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