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British Student Facilities

Financial Services for British Students To manage financial issues while studying in the UK, you must have a bank account in one of the most reputable banks in the country so that you can make transactions and benefit from banking services

. Some banks allow you to open an account with them before entering the UK; But students usually open an account in the bank of their choice after entering the UK and checking the conditions of different banks. Account opening takes from one day to two weeks; It is therefore advisable to have enough cash with you when you arrive in the UK.Be careful not to spend more than your account balance after opening an account, otherwise your bank will penalize you.You can talk to the branch manager to get a bank facility.

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You can use UK banking services in person or online. Medical facilities for British students To study in the UK, as in all countries, you need to be covered by a valid health insurance. The public health care system in the UK is called the National Health Service (NHS). Under NHS insurance, medical care provided by a GP or GP is free. In addition, emergency medical care is free for all people, regardless of how they live in the UK. You can be covered by NHS insurance by applying for a UK student visa; Note, however, that if you study in this country for less than 6 months, you will not be covered by the NHS; Of course, this does not mean that you do not have health insurance at this time; Instead, you can use private insurance.


Another point to note is that the services provided by the NHS are limited, and you will have to pay for other medical services freely. Private insurance companies offer different insurances with different conditions that you can be covered by insurance if the services provided by you are useful.


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While studying in the UK you can enjoy good discounts at many centers, the Oystercard is an electronic ticket that will reduce the cost of using the train, metro and bus in London.With this card, international students can save more than 30% on their travel expenses; Of course, note that your card does not include a discount during the peak hours of subway use, ie from 6:30 to 9:30 and 16 to 19.Studying in the UK will not be boring at all. You have many places for fun and sightseeing; Of course, not all of this entertainment comes at a cost. With a little research, you can see that there are many ways for low-cost and even free entertainment in London.For example, visiting many London museums is free.Some magazines and newspapers are also government-run.One of the things that can be most fascinating to you is that you can walk through the streets of London to see everything that is portrayed in Harry Potter and other movies.There are street markets all over London. In these markets you can use cheap and sometimes free food by presenting your student card.

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