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Five wonders of Qeshm Island

If you decide to travel Iran and visit its wonderful cities we suggest you put Qeshm island in your trip itinerary. Qeshm Island is one of the most beautiful places in the southern part of Iran that attracts many tourists from inside and outside of the country every year.

Also, Qeshm island tours are one of the most popular tours that some travel agency in iran operate it.

Qeshm Island is located in warm and humid areas. Therefore, the best time to travel to this beautiful island is winter and spring. In our iran travel blog, we plan to get acquainted with 5 of the strange and wonderful places of Qeshm Island, so stay with us.

Beautiful Namakdan Cave in Qeshm Island

 One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Qeshm Island is the “Namak” or “Namakdan” cave. The conical pillars of salt and hangings from the ceiling of this beautiful cave show the years of nature activity in this area.

The concentration of salt in the Namakdan cave is 99%. Therefore, it is very useful in medical and industrial fields.

The beautiful Chahkooh valley of Qeshm Island


Chahkooh valley is one of the beautiful wonders of Qeshm Island, which was created by erosion of sedimentary rocks. This beautiful valley is located in the northwestern part of Qeshm Island.


The depth of the Chahkooh valley reaches 100 meters and is located within a rocky mountain, hence being one of the holy places in the past. Within this valley, there are shallow wells that have been used to store rainwater in the past.

Beautiful Forest of Hara in Qeshm Island


The Hara Forest is one of the strangest forests around the world. Hara trees typically grow from 3 to 6 m with green leafy leaves. The interesting thing about the Hara trees is that although their roots are in the saline water, their skin has a purifying effect, which is because it absorbs the sweet part of the water and eliminates its salt! Due to good weather conditions, the Hara forest has become a habitat for migratory birds from tropical regions.


The beautiful Hara forest is located between Qeshm Island and Hormozgan province with an area of 200 square kilometers.

GeoPark of Qeshm Island


The Qeshm GeoPark is located in the western part of the island and contains some species of rare plants and fauna. Some of the rare animals in the park are flamingo, nightingale and swallow.


The rocks in the park, created by erosion and wind blowing that make an eye-catching view in this park.

Kharbas Cave in Qeshm Island

 Kharbas Cave is one of the beautiful caves of Qeshm Island, located 15 km south of it.


Inside this cave, there are many rooms with dimensions from 4 to 5 meters, so it can be concluded that in the past it was used as a shelter and holds a part of Iranian culture that you can visit in Qeshm island.

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