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Tabriz El goli

Tabriz El goli is the most popular and famous tourist attraction in Tabriz. Different sightseeing places like the pool, the El goli palace, the greenery, the town hall, the skateboard, the mini golf course, and more. Recreation in Tabriz El goli is not comparable to anything else in Tabriz.

Although Tabriz is famous for its historic and cultural city, best iran tourism places However El goli is considered a spectacular city due to its nature, pleasant atmosphere and beautiful landscape. 

The foundation stone of the castle was laid during dynasty of Aq Quyunlu. At that time, the pool was the largest water supply for irrigation of gardens in the eastern part of Tabriz to the gate of Tehran. During the Safavid period, the situation changed for the king and the lake was filled with sand and debris in the existing area and a stone wall was created around it.


  At the same time, a two-story building was built between the pool under the command of Hero Mirza, the governor of Tabriz and the son of Abbas Mirza, crown prince of Iran. Sayed Baqer Kazemi, the governor of East Azerbaijan, created major repairs on the park’s grounds. The El-Goli building was destroyed in 1346. With the investment and assistance of the municipality of Tabriz in 1349, it became a beautiful figure today.

El goli Park


by the iran tour guide El goli Park is the most important resort and recreational complex in Tabriz, which is located in the south east of the city. El Goli Resort is similar to most of the old Iranian gardens, It is composed of a lake and El Goli Palace and It is surrounded by a large garden and tall trees.


In addition to the spectacular views, the El Goli Park also has other attractions, including Luna Park, Mini Golf Center, Skateboarding, Cafes, Restaurants, and Andisheh Hall.


This wonderful park has been registered on February 27, 2009 with the number 24774 in the National Iranian Book List due to the El goli historical palace.


El goli Lake


The pool, because of its size, is also said to be a lake of El goli (Shahgoli), it is 5.5 hectares wide and can hold up to 720,000 cubic meters of water. The size of the lake is 200 meters, and it glows like a lagoon in the park. The depth of the pool at its deepest is 12 meters, but in the eastern corner, the depth is between 3 and 6 meters.


 In the past, however, the lake was larger in size and its floor was also natural, but now its size has fallen because of a garden around it. Lake water flows from one of the branches of the Liqvan River, which runs near the Chawan village, and flows into a small stream from the south-east of the lake into it. 



The lake is the most attractive and spectacular part of the park, and many come to the park to enjoy its landscape and beauty. The reflection of the trees, and its wonderful lighting in the pool water in the spring and summer season make the pleasure of walking around it multiply. The magnificent effect of the garden and the thousand colors of autumn in the lake’s clear waters and its white and frozen landscape are also spectacular and eye-catching in the cold and vibrant Winter of Tabriz.


The Gul Palace is an octagonal and two-story building. This palace is one of the symbols of the city of Tabriz and its dating back to the time of Agh Qoyunlu (1). A beautiful and diamond-shaped structure with a small dome on top of which, by the end of the Qajar period, had been a courtyard for princes and today has become a restaurant and reception room for travelers and people.


You can go to the park, take a walk around the pool, and then go to the restaurant of El goli Palace and get acquainted with Tabriz chefs and taste the awesome food. Do not forget to take selfies and beautiful pictures.


Cycling and carriage rides


One of the options that is considered for tourists in Tabriz El goli is the bike path, where you can access various parts of the park and enjoy this fun sport. Another attraction is carriage rides, you can enjoy a ride on a horse, like the old days, watching the surrounding scenery and the sound of poison horses and wheels on the pavers.

 Restaurant and café


Among all these collections, the café, restaurant and buffet of the Palace of El Goli has a great reputation and is in two floors with a variety of local and Iranian cuisine, and in all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner host Tabriz residents and tourist of this city.


Alongside these, the kiosks in the park also provide visitors with a delicious and wonderful dining experience with street foods, and you can enjoy a variety of unique flavors by patrolling in the park.


It is interesting to know that simple and brief sandwiches of bread, potatoes and hot boiled eggs in Tabriz have many fans. It is not possible to travel to El goli and Tabriz and do not be tempted to buy a carriage from the park of the Yer-Alma Yumurta sandwich, or egg-potato.

Mini golf


In the southeastern corner of the park and near the Pars Hotel, there is one of the most diverse and most entertaining attractions in the resort of Tabriz El Goli. If you are a golf enthusiast and have enough time, do not forget to visit the Mini Golf Club. This complex is one of the most standard mini golf courses in Iran, and in the past several national and provincial national games have been held.


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