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Dowlat Abad garden is a garden with green and lush trees that you can hear the sound of water flows under the blue sky, that takes all of you from your daily routine. This spectacular garden along with these beauties is also an amazing example of windproof, which has a global reputation.

Isfahan Imam Mosque is where that you’ll surround by art and history. By looking south of the Naqsh-e Jahan square, the huge turquoise dome and the tallest Minaret of the square show themselves and the magnificent blue chamber is the first thing that catch our eyes when we want to enter here.

The Karim Khan citadel, also known as the Karim Khan Prison, was built in 1108 AH and ordered by Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zandi Dynasty in Shiraz. This building, which is one of Zandian’s most prominent works of art, attracts many tourists every year. karim khan citadel is one of the most popular Iran tourist attractions .

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